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    Dr. Magued Osman Assigns ITIDA's CEO to Hold A Discussion On E-Voting for Egyptians Inside and Outside Egypt

    Date published: 15 March 2011
    Recognized as a national authority responsible for regulating e-signature and empowered by the law in this regard, minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Magued Osman assigned CEO of ITIDA, Mr. Yasser El-Kady, to initiate a dialogue with business and civil society organizations working in the field of IT.

    The discussions focused on studying possible means to involve e-signature in the voting system for the forthcoming presidential elections. Such a step aimed at rising interaction with Egyptians through technology which, at the first place, played a leading role in realizing a great shift in the Egyptian society and expanding public participation at elections.

    In the two-sessions dialogue held this week with the second session conducted yesterday,  ITIDA invited representatives of e-signature companies, business and civil society IT organizations, legal experts as well as other specialists.

    During sessions, attendees marked the significant value of such dialogues, their full awareness of the role of each participant as well as the role of ICT sector to serve the society by shaping the aspired future for Egypt.

    Mr. El-Kady, CEO of ITIDA, initiated the first session stressing that the main objective was to increase participation in a fair and transparent atmosphere. He also informed that the dialogue results in finding accurate and safe technical tools and applications allowing e-voting at polling stations inside Egypt and abroad. Judges will be also provided with such tools enabling them to monitor the electoral process with more efficiency. 
    Mr. El- Kady explained that the 25th of January revolution offered Egyptians a real opportunity to largely interact, and more than that, effectively communicate through ICT tools. According to El-Kady, the revolution will be positively reflected on IT society in Egypt as well as the Egyptian society as a whole.

    From his point of view, the Egyptian revolution imposed a new situation which requires more reliance on Information Technology to get in touch with Egyptian citizens and help them realize their ambitions on one hand, and on the other hand, strengthening Egyptian ICT sector and companies role in the society.

    Back to the first session, participants agreed on the importance of intensely examining different technical solutions in order to select the most accurate and secure solution of e-voting enabling the public inside and outside Egypt to participate at the voting. 

    Mr. Yasser EL-Kady stressed that ITIDA will call various technical, legal, societal and media specialists during the coming two weeks for an open dialogue around e-voting and the possibility of introducing the new voting system in the coming presidential elections. This will be followed by presenting a final report to the minister of ICT, Dr. Magued Osman to inform the concerned authorities about its outcome.

    During the sessions, attendees seemed fully aware and sincerely committed to offer e-voting to Egyptians especially to citizens living abroad. ITIDA which is, according to the law, the only national authority entrusted with regulating the e-signature process, shall guarantee the security of such application.

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