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    Internet Safety Project During IGF 2010: A Hands-on Participation

    Date published: 20 September 2010

    During the activities of the fifth IGF Meeting, held in Lithuania from 14th to 17th September, 2010, the Internet Safety Project team took part effectively in many workshops, in its strenuous efforts to reach better shared perspectives and ideas for online safety norm.

    In the second day of the event, the Internet Safety Project participated in the workshop entitled “Advancing Digital Citizenship aspects in Children's Online /Internet Experiences - Contributing to Internet Governance for Development)".

    This workshop updated perspectives on the challenges that continue in the area of children’s use of the online world and examined the emerging role and contribution of digital citizenship - the concept of preparing children and youth for responsible engagement and interactions in the online world.

    In the same day, as co-founders and members, Internet Safety Project participated in the “Youth Coalition on Internet Governance". The Youth Coalition on Internet Governance is an open group of organizations and individuals representing all stakeholders that work together for a better youth participation and involvement on Internet Governance discussions and debates.

    Internet Safety Project participated in this coalition with an eye on assuming an active role, cooperating with other dynamic coalitions and supporting the IGF Secretariat to get more young people involved in the process on Internet Governance.

    The team also shared ideas and knowledge of special regional perspectives.
    The third day of the IGF 2010 witnessed a good presence by the Internet Safety Project team in their workshop “social networking and e- participation; what do young citizens look for (18+)?".

    This workshop was organized by the Internet Safety Project and aimed at holding a dialogue between users (18+) and experts on what they look for in social networks and the policies they find lacking in the virtual world. During the workshop users said their opinions concerning privacy policies adopted by social networks, as well as security measures.

    The workshop also welcomed participants from different regions explaining the widespread internet usage trends in their parts of the world and the issues they face based on their local conditions. In addition, the workshop exposed "real stories" from youth on how social working has changed their lives either positively or negatively and why, as well as in which domains.

    A promotional movie produced by Net Aman team about how important it is to set your privacy on social networking websites like facebook to avoid being vulnerable, was shown in the workshop, and the audience gave it a great applause.

    On 16th September, the Internet Safety Project team participated in “Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety". This workshop aimed at creating a permanent, open platform for discussion on fundamental and practical issues related to child online safety within the agenda of the Internet Governance Forum, ensuring dialogue among representatives from children's organizations, government, industry, academia and other civil society groups.

    During the last day of the IGF meeting, the Internet Safety Project team also participated in “Internet for youth -beyond safety issues" workshop. This workshop brought together professionals working on increasing participation in Internet Government debates and activists representing the youth as a pivotal stakeholder group. The aim of this workshop was to brainstorm options for efficient participation of youth in the IG debates both on the local and on the global levels.

    About IGF
    The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is a multi-stakeholder forum for policy dialogue on issues of Internet governance. The establishment of the IGF was formally announced by the UN secretary-general in July 2006 as one of the outputs of the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The first IGF meeting was held in Athens, Greece, in 2006, the second in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2007 and the third in Heidar Abad, India end of 2007.

    About The Internet Safety Project
    First of its kind in the region, the Internet Safety Project was launched in 2007 at the International Youth Forum in Sharm el Sheik. The project utilizes ICTs and internet-based tools with the chief aim of spreading a culture of peace, tolerance and dialogue among youth through facilitating intercultural communication and understanding, empathy creation, skill development and internet safety awareness and knowledge among young people and other stakeholders.

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