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    El-Sisi Honors ‘NTL’ Presidential Initiative Graduates

    Date published: 15 October 2017

    President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi participated, today, in the graduation ceremony of the Next Technology Leaders (NTL) presidential initiative, launched as an interactive learning platform, aimed at qualifying young people and training them on the latest technology disciplines. The Ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, the Minister of Defense and Military Production Sedki Sobhy, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Yasser ElKady and a number of ministers, senior officials and public figures.

    Prior to the start of the ceremony, El-Sisi inspected an exhibition showcasing the projects of school students, trained within the NTL framework, where they talked about their innovations and inventions in the ICT fields.

    The ICT Minister gave a speech at the beginning of the ceremony, in which he ascertained that Egyptian youth possess several qualifications that contribute to achieving economic and technological growth and reaching the ranks of developed countries.

    ElKady pointed out that Egypt ranked first in AT Kearney's report, 2017 in the Middle East and Africa, and the 14th at the world’s level as a destination for the outsourcing industry. Egypt is also included in Gartner’s Report for 2016-2017 as one of the best destinations in the EMEA region.

    ElKady, also, added that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) supervises the NTL initiative to provide a comprehensive framework that includes several programs for the development of human capacity. He said that a number of 5,000 graduates received training and qualifying courses, obtained international certificates, in cooperation with leading companies and the largest universities in the world.

    El-Sisi viewed a video broadcast, via videoconference, from New Assiut Technology Park, where the opening of an innovation cluster in the Park was announced. He was also briefed, by a number of young people, on the role of the Park in qualifying and training them within the framework of the Initiative to implement their projects and provide them with job opportunities.

    The President expressed his admiration for the projects presented by the youth, congratulating them on their success. He also learnt about the trainees' proposals on how to increase the benefits of programs offered within the Initiative and how to increase their numbers.

    Through a live broadcast from Borg Al Arab Technology Park, El-Sisi viewed a presentation, given by a group of children trained in the Park, about their innovations and inventions through which they are competing in many international contests in the field of modern technology.

    The President also viewed a live broadcast from Smart Village, where a female participant in the "Entreprenelle" initiative, gave a presentation. “Entreprenelle" initiative aims to train girls in the IT entrepreneurship, empowering and helping them implement their projects in different fields.

    A documentary film about the NTL Initiative was presented, including a presentation on its objectives, and examples of a number of calibers trained through the NTL training programs, including a number of People with Disabilities (PwDs) who were qualified through the Initiative, aiming to assist and enable them to start their careers.

    Furthermore, a number of young people and PwDs, who benefited from the grants offered by MCIT and training programs offered by NTL Initiative, talked about their achievements, and how they realized local and international successes and won in various international competitions.

    A representative of Synopsys Inc.— one of the world's leading software companies— talked about his company's choice of Egypt as its partner in the region. He stated that the availability of creative minds in Egypt and the confidence of the company in Egypt’s market contributed to encouraging it to take this step.

    Synopsys considers establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) which will contribute to opening new horizons for the software industry in Egypt, and transforming it from a country that only uses or applies software to a developed country and partner in creating the future. The President welcomed Synopsys’s activity in Egypt and expressed his wish for establishing a CoE, and his readiness to provide all means of support to achieve this step.

    El-Sisi also agreed to fulfill a request made by one of the young women with disabilities, who asked for expanding and multiplying the grants and training programs offered in the IT field.

    Moreover, the President honored these young people, being models of success, by giving them the shield of the Initiative.

    At the conclusion of the ceremony, El-Sisi gave a speech in which he congratulated MCIT and the Armed Forces on the implementation of this Initiative, which deserves all the State’s support. He stated that Egypt has a bundle of competencies, however a problem lies in the inability to identify them and benefit from them.

    The President underscored the need to provide selection mechanisms that help to select competencies and provide training and qualifying programs that could contribute to pushing efficient young people to hold leadership positions in the State.

    El-Sisi stated that there had been a reluctance to establish technology parks nationwide, fearing of lack of interest, especially in Upper Egypt. However, the unprecedented turnout in Upper Egypt encouraged the State to maintain establishing such parks. Four parks have been completed, and work is underway on the completion of three other parks that will be inaugurated soon.

    The President ascertained that the great opportunities provided by the programs adopted by MCIT and the Armed Forces are pushing for more funding for these programs. He agreed to double the funding to 400 million Egyptian pounds.

    At the end of the event, El-Sisi underlined the need to highlight the success stories that give hope and confidence and help overcome the challenges in Egypt. He referred to the significance of paying attention to the young people who have a strong will to create a better future, including young people with disabilities who are strong willed and challenge the circumstances.

    Furthermore, El-Sisi commissioned the Government to form a committee to consider the development of programs that aim to select the best qualified competent young people for providing them with training.

    The President highlighted the State’s support for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs), which contribute to promoting industries and crafts nationwide.

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