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    QR Codes

    Date published: 13 June 2012

    What is QR code?
    Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode used via Smartphone applications and other dedicated QR reading devices. A QR is a square figure that is capable of storing, and consequently, can be scanned in both ways, vertically and/or horizontally.

    Why QR Code?
    QR code is used to reveal more information about a product, service, event or person. Generally, they list data or direct the scanning device to a special URL, video, coupon, event page, email address, or other digital signpost with more details and content.

    How to Use QR Code?
    § Download a QR Code application to your Smartphone (most of them are free)
    § Open a barcode reader application which works in conjunction with the phone’s camera
    § Point your Smartphone at a QR code
    § The reader interprets the code, which typically contains a call to action (such as some data, contact details, an invitation to download a mobile application, a link to view a video or an SMS message inviting the viewer to respond to a poll…etc.)
    § The phone’s owner can choose to act upon the call to action or click cancel and ignore the invitation.

    QR Code Uses
    QR codes have multiple uses especially in marketing and advertising domain, like on:
    § Product packaging,
    § Shop displays,
    § Advertisements,
    § emails and websites,
    § Newspapers, magazines, books, brochures, leaflets,
    § Business cards,
    § Encoding phone numbers and SMS text messages
    § Buses, billboards, walls, whatever you think may fit (even on T-shirts)

    QR Code on MCIT Website
    • Download one of the QR readers free applications to your smartphone
    • Scan the matrix barcode on MCIT website
    • MCIT contacts information will be in your phone contact list

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