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    30 Sep 2019 How is AI Transforming Banking?
    Innovative technologies are emerging at a rapid pace and their impact on banking is felt at an almost-daily basis. Artificial Intelligence (AI) happens to be at the forefront of this impact, eventually leading to inevitable change in the finance sector, worldwide. The article presents some of the most happening banking areas that AI is changing.
    23 Sep 2019 What is Fintech?
    Financial technology (fintech) is an industry encompassing any kind of technology in financial services. Broadly, it describes any company using Internet, mobile apps, software technology or cloud services to perform or connect with financial services.
    16 Sep 2019 What is 5G?
    The Fifth Generation (5G) technology supersedes other cellular network technologies, because it is more than just a fast wireless mobile network. It can change our lives and the way we perceive things. The article explains what 5G is and how it works.
    12 Sep 2019 How Does Egypt Support Entrepreneurship?
    Egypt was ranked the fastest growing startup ecosystem in MENA region, according to start-up platform MAGNiTT. Its flourishing entrepreneurship scene has been receiving support from government and private institutions for almost 10 years. The article discusses how Egypt supports entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential.
    12 Sep 2019 Entrepreneurship Flourishes in Egypt
    Egypt has over the past few years ramped up its entrepreneurial activity, becoming the fastest growing ecosystem in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region according to a report by MAGNiTT. The article elaborates the reasons that entrepreneurship is thriving in Egypt.
    9 Sep 2019 Interview with Juniper Networks CEO
    Software lies at the heart of digital transformation; it provides the means for networking infrastructure to be flexible, scalable and agile in support of innovative services and applications. The article presents the views of Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim on the future of networking industry and the digital transformation scene in Egypt.
    2 Sep 2019 ‘Benat Seshat’ to Empower Female Orphans
    Benat Seshat is a digital literacy initiative launched by Egyptian university student Nancy Awad, to empower Upper Egypt's underprivileged female orphans and help them change the narrative and pave their way towards a brighter, less discriminative future. The article introduces the life-changing initiative.
    22 Aug 2019 Chefaa Raises Six-figure Seed Funding
    Chefaa, a cairo-based healthtech startup, has raised a six-figure USD seed funding in a round led by 500 startups and a group of angel investors. The article celebrates the startup’s accomplishment.
    6 Aug 2019 Egypt Home to Most Internet Users, Ranking First in MENA
    According to Internet World Stats international website, the largest number of Internet users in MENA is in Egypt, thus ranking first and surpassing Saudi Arabia and UAE. The article briefly presents Egypt’s efforts towards digital transformation.
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