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    15 Feb 2017 Big Data Can Make HR More Important
    With the right technology, big data can empower HR professionals to make predictions about their company's future and have the data to back them up. That gives clout to any recommendations they make about how to best weather the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities heading their company's way.
    1 Feb 2017 Super Computing
    Super Computing is a technological trend sought by many giant companies operating in the computing field, aiming to produce a new type of computers that have the potentials of more than thousand ordinary computers. Stunning progress achieved in computing industry techniques, in addition to the science of artificial intelligence, will enable those devices to learn and gain experience, comparable with the human mind when acquiring skills and expertise.
    24 Jan 2017 GSMA Celebrates 4G Launch in Egypt
    The GSMA has welcomed the successful launch of the fourth Generation (4G) services by mobile operators in Egypt, commending the country’s leadership in 4G which will serve as catalyst for economic growth and deliver broad societal benefits.
    29 Dec 2016 How Big Data Affect Evolution of Social Science
    Social scientists have, overall, been slower to tap into the ever-increasing flow of “big data” than their peers in the physical and medical sciences. The article tackles the significance of big data to this science where so much of the big data available, whether it be government administrative data or social media feeds like Twitter, which exist essentially ripe for the picking.
    20 Dec 2016 Map Shows Internet Traffic via Undersea Cables Worldwide
    The map, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), shows all the connections and cables between countries, including the world’s highest-capacity undersea internet cable: a 5600-mile link between the US and Japan. Aptly named “FASTER”, the cable connects Oregon in the USA with Japan and Taiwan, owned by Google and a consortium of other communications companies.
    5 Dec 2016 Future of Big Data
    Big data can help individuals make decisions, help businesses offer better services, help governments — and private companies — cut costs. It’s an ever-changing field. The article tackles the discussion of the future of Big Data.
    28 Nov 2016 Six Ways to Add Cybersecurity Protections to Outsourcing Deals
    How third-party IT services providers are protecting corporate data, is a growing concern. The article tackles six ways IT leaders can better negotiate cybersecurity and data privacy issues.
    20 Nov 2016 How Big Data is Improving Cyber Security
    Some might believe that big data will quickly solve the problems of the cyber security industry. The article shows the reality that data and analytics will allow companies to identify anomalies and advanced attack vectors.
    16 Nov 2016 When Big Data, IoT and Geospatial Technology Collide
    The article tackles the intersection of blended technologies, the growth of critical geospatial data collection and the accompanying virtualization of that data that have pushed IoT innovation to new heights.
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