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    Former Minister's Interviews
    ICT Minister Interview with ONTV Channel
    Date Published: 21 Feb 2016      Time: 06:40     Size: 25.5 MB

    The ICT Minister Yasser ElKady has underlined, in an interview for ONTV channel during Africa 2016 Forum held in Sharm elSheikh on February 20 -21, the significance of the role ICT tools play in bolstering economic integration between African nations.

    ICT Minister speaks to El Mehwar TV Channel
    Date Published: 1 Sep 2015      Time: 27:35     Size: 152 MB

    During his interview in “90 Minutes” program on El Mehwar TV Channel,  the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Khaled Negm has  announced that Telecom Egypt (TE), one of MCIT affiliates, will launch the 4 G mobile network soon, which means a fourth mobile operator in the largest Arab country in terms of its population.

    ICT Minister Speaks to Radio Misr
    Date Published: 9 Aug 2015      Time: 38:14     Size: 70.0 MB

    During his interview with Radio Misr—“Masr Om El-Donia” Program—the ICT Minister Khaled Negm discussed the ICT sector role during and after the opening of the new Suez Canal, including developing the technological infrastructure development in Suez Canal cities.  He also talked about the sector’s goals in the coming phase from increasing Internet speeds, reducing internet prices, improving ICT services, introducing modern technologies and applications in Egypt to ensuring that all segments of society get appropriate access to ICT benefits.

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    Former Minister's Speeches
    Helmy Speaks to CBC Channel
    Date Published: 24 Feb 2015      Time: 35:42     Size: 989 MB

    During his interview with CBC channel, the ICT Minister said the ICT sector will take part in the Egyptian Economic Development Conference (EEDC), holding in Sharm el-Sheikh in March, with 10 mega technology projects with investments reaching almost 23 billion Egyptian pounds.

    ICT Minister Speaks to CBC Channel
    Date Published: 30 Oct 2014      Time:      Size: 160 MB

    The ICT Minister Atef Helmy spoke to CBC channel about the sector’s strategy, its short-term and long term goals. He also stressed on the importance of cooperation between all stakeholders to implement related projects. Helmy also tackled means to improve all kind of communications services in Egypt especially after number of users grew substantially.

    Helmy Speaks to 360 Youm Program | Part 2
    Date Published: 25 Sep 2014      Time: 22:28     Size: 480 MB

    The ICT Minister Atef Helmy said MCIT created a national entity comprising all ICT personnel to develop an infrastructure. He also said the ICT sector was advancing where internet services are to be connected via satellites and cloud computing system is to be activated in order to have electronic system for all the government's services.

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