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    Investment and Finance

    Launched in 2015, Investment and Finance works closely with Venture Capital (VC) industry and financial institutions to create agreements, thereby raising funds for Funding the Funds program. It provides best practices that are applied internationally. It also engages VCs with portfolio startups that have infrastructure needs, and drive Business to Exit (BTE) model. It aims to maintain relations with current and future funders including government agencies, and develop a successful and diverse fundraising strategies. This is in addition to increasing investment funds to bridge the funding gap along the innovation process, analyzing and reporting the prospects for such funds, and how to best attract necessary capital.

    TIEC engages and manages relationships with decision makers at venture capital, connect with governments to capture best practices of VCs models, in addition to dealing with universities, expatriates and multinational companies.

    § Venture Capital

    TIEC works closely with Venture Capital (VC) industry and financial institutions in order to create agreements to raise fund for entrepreneurs’ startups. It aims to create an attractive scheme of matching public-private partnerships (PPPs) funding that deliberately sponsors high-risk projects. TIEC seeks to start a community of local business angels and sources of venture capital focused on specific clusters, work with consultants to create a VC strategy and provide best practices implemented internationally. TIEC also seeks to bring together diverse groups including, among others, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics to discuss and catalyze entrepreneurial activities.

    § International Universities and Colleges

    TIEC establishes relationships and partnership agreements with the top 25 entrepreneurship and innovation Universities in North America like George Washington, University of South Florida, Stanford University and Columbia University. TIEC develops portals with these target universities to be accessed to its entrepreneurs and graduate students. This is in addition to starting exchange programs with one of these universities to host Egyptian entrepreneurs at their campuses.

    § Expatriates

    Creating a database for expatriates who work in R&D labs in Multinational Corporations (MNCs) and Universities, venture Capitals (VC) and technology parks are one of the primary goals of TIEC Investment and Finance Department. TIEC aims to engage expats with incubators and startup individuals to mentor them and provide network channels with international investors and MNCs. To achieve so, TIEC plans yearly events for Egyptian expats who work in this arena to network closely with the entrepreneur industry.

    § Multinational Companies

    TIEC Investment and Finance Department plans to increase local firms’ ability to sustain top technology from MNCs and foster strategic alliances, as well as encouraging MNCs to transfer more valuable technologies to its subsidiaries.

    TIEC also aims to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by driving FDI policies and providing incentives that are earned over time and leveraging Egyptian expatriates working in senior positions in MNCs to attract those MNCs to Egypt, like the successful experiences of Ireland and India.
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