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    The e-Signature Law, issued in 2004, supports the e-commerce industry in Egypt by securing the Internet as a legally viable medium for online financial activities. Simply put, this means that a buyer does not need to physically sign a document when performing an online transaction.

    ITIDA supervise e-signature services through the e-Signature Certificate Authority (CA) Licensing Department, the Egyptian Root Certificate Authority (Root CA), and the Egyptian e-Signature Competency Center (ESCC).

    E-Signature CA Licensing Department
    The e-Signature CA Licensing Department is set up to audit the e-Signature service providers in Egypt, address complaints, offer technical counseling, in collaboration with the Root CA panel, and mediate between disputing parties, forming part of the ICT Industry ombudsman within ITIDA framework.

    Root CA

    As one of its primary roles, ITIDA operates the Egyptian Root Certificate Authority (Root CA) according to the highest security standards, offering a continuous 24/7 operation.

    The national Root CA is the trust anchor for involved parties, and the legal national base affecting IT applications, e-commerce and e-business transactions. It, also, provides cross recognition across Egypt and other Root CAs in different nations.

    Egyptian e-Signature Competency Center
    The Egyptian e-Signature Competency Center (ESCC) is the first of its kind in the MENA region. It provides e-signature infrastructure services and applications for a variety of operating systems. ESCC integrates client-side software with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and protects information security systems.

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