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    Electronics Design and Manufacturing

    The government of Egypt understands the demand for high technology products, especially electronic products, has registered significant growth worldwide and, therefore, has initiated the development of the electronics sector in the country.

    Electronics design and manufacturing aims at increasing financial returns and works on luring electronics manufacturers to establish giant industrial zones. It also targets supporting and encouraging the electronics sector to establish enterprises in the areas of innovation, thereby attracting Egyptian expatriates of varying calibers.

    The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has encouraged electronics manufacturing industry through supporting Egyptian manufactured products, promoting them locally and supporting their regional and international exports. The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) initiated a project for manufacturing Egyptian tablets in Egypt.

    In 2012, ITIDA signed a cooperation protocol with the Supreme Council of Universities that encompassed—in its initial phase—launching a pilot project to provide students of Egyptian public universities with 10,000 low cost, high quality Inar tablets. The project objectives included increasing the efficiency of the educational process in Egypt through promoting e-learning and enhancing interaction and networking between members of the educational community. It also aimed at developing the Egyptian information and knowledge society to create a generation capable of coping with the era of technology and innovation, enriching the Arabic e-content industry and developing the manufacturing industry of local tablets to meet local needs.

    President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi announced in December 2015 the launch of the electronics design and manufacturing initiative which targets financial growth and job creation. In 2016, a number of Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and agreements were signed—during the ICT Minister mission to China—for the development of the electronics design and manufacturing in the country. An MoU was signed with China International Telecommunication Construction Corporation (CITCC) for cooperation in the fields of LTE techniques, as well as 4G, capacity building and technology parks. 

    An agreement between the Egyptian company SICO Technology and the Chinese Megan Group was also signed to embark on manufacturing a range of modern electronic devices in Egypt, on top of which are smartphones. The two sides agreed to establish a new factory on an area of 3,000 meters in one of Egypt’s technology parks. Moreover, Elaraby Group and TCL Corporation—the largest world manufacturer of screens—signed an agreement to inject new investments in screen manufacturing in Egypt.

    Furthermore, Chinese Tecno company announced the establishment of its first factory in Egypt manufacturing smart home appliances, mobile phones and LED devices to meet the demands of local markets and increase exports to the Middle East and Africa. 80% of the new plant production will be geared for local consumption, while the remaining 20% will target exports. The company is committed to producing 17 million mobile phones/tablets over the next four years, as well as establishing two centers: one for research and development and another one for software development.

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