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    For Interns

    The program covers the costs of your training, provided that after employment, you agree to repay these costs from your monthly salary for a duration up to three years. The cost of training varies according to the specialization, with no additional expenses. All Extra expenses will be paid by MCIT and Tahya Misr Fund. Thus, Trainees will pay only the cost of the training after being employed.

    Benefits to Fresh Graduates
    § Start your career
    § Learn directly from industry experts and their technologies
    § Train in the technology track you are interested in

    Graduates from any background with high English proficiency and maximum five years from graduation (graduated 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014).

    Selection Procedures:
    The filtration steps will be conducted by the company that the intern will apply for. Only those candidates who successfully pass both written tests and oral interviews will be accepted in the proposed track. Interested candidates can apply for more than one track.

    Program Steps:

    Required Documents

    § Birth Certificate
    § Graduation Certificate
    § Recent utility bill as a proof of residence
    § Military Completion Certificate (males only)
    § Photo copy of National ID
    § Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    Nasr Social Bank Required Procedures:
    § A nomination letter from the National Telecommunication Institute (NTI), including the applicant's name, national ID number, training value, course name, duration of training and the name of the training company
    § A recent utility bill in the name of the applicant or one of the first-degree relatives, as a proof of residence of the applicant and guarantor
    § A copy of the valid national ID card of the applicant and guarantor
    § A promissory note signed by the applicant and guarantor
    § Signing an agreement between the bank and the applicant in accordance with the procedures followed by the bank

    For any further questions on bank procedures, kindly call 16868.

    To know the addresses of Naser Social Bank branches, kindly click Here.

    Apply as an Intern:

    The training cost ranges from EGP 20,000 to EGP 40,000
    Minimum salary ranges from EGP 3,500 to EGP 10,000

    For registration, kindly click on the company with which you select your training.

    Frequently Asked Questions What is the idea of ‘Wazeefa Tech’ program provided by MCIT?
    MCIT is striving to implement a sustainable scalable model aimed at increasing numbers of qualified young people to join the ICT market. Through the initiative, interested companies select the candidates to be enrolled in the program, providing them with specialized training and job opportunities in the specialization they were trained on. Through "Wazeefa Tech" program, successful candidates will pay the training cost after being hired from their monthly salary on installments payable up to three years. The program ensures that interns are hired with good salaries, which are fixed before joining the program. The pre-employment training period is three months

    What is the academic background and graduation years required to join this program?
    Each specialization determines its required academic background. There are different specializations and the requirements for each specialization can be found at the link of each participating company. A number of tests will be conducted to select successful applicants.
    Graduation Years: maximum five years after graduation (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014).

    What tests will applicants pass?
    The companies participating in the program will determine those tests according to work needs

    .What are the steps required to apply for the program?
    1. Identify the specialization in which you wish to have your training and check its technical requirements
    2. Learn about the required tests and apply via the available link
    3. Pass the tests and interviews that will be conducted by the companies providing the training
    4. Data of successful applicants will be sent to Nasser Social Bank. If you are selected, you will receive a letter asking you to visit the bank to complete your documents and start the program’s financing procedures
    5. Be ready to start the training program
    6. After the successful completion of the program, you will get a job offer and will sign an employment contract with a salary not less than the one fixed before starting the program. After obtaining the job opportunity, you will begin to repay the loan to the bank on monthly installments, payable up to three years, at zero interest and with no administrative or insurance expenses.

    Can applicants apply for more than one program?
    You can apply for tests of more than one specialization, but enrollment will be limited to one specialization.

    What are the number of jobs and specializations available in the program?
    In the program’s phase I, there are more than 1500 job opportunities in different tracks.       

    If a student passed tests of more than one specialization, on what basis would he be selected?
    In case of passing tests of more than one specialization, students can choose the most appropriate specialization and complete his documents accordingly.

    What is the monthly salary for each specialization?
    The minimum start salaries range from EGP 3,500 to 10,000.
    What is the cost of training?
    The cost of training varies according to the specialization, ranging from 20,000 to 40,000, with no additional expenses. All Extra expenses will be paid by MCIT and Tahya Misr Fund. Thus, Trainees will pay only the cost of the training after being employed.

    How is the cost of training can be paid?
    Payment is made after interns are hired, in installments payable up to three years.

    What is the monthly installment deducted from the salary?
    The value of installment is determined by Nasser Social Bank before the start of the program and according to the specialization cost and the training required for filling a certain vacancy.

    If interns are hired for one year, how can the remaining installments be deducted?
    Candidates enrolled in the program will start the loan procedures through Nasser Social Bank and meet the necessary guarantees in accordance with the rules of the bank declared in the program. 

    What is the interest value that Nasser Social Bank will receive in return for the loan paid for the training cost?
    In view of the State's efforts to provide facilities to young people to support them through various mechanisms, the training cost will not include any administrative expenses, which will be covered by Tahya Misr Fund and the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).

    What is the entity responsible for testing the program’s participants?
    The companies participating in the program will be fully responsible for selecting the trainees, developing the technical design of the program and employing the trainees at the end of the program

    . What are the required admission documents?
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Graduation Certificate
    3. Recent utility bill as a proof of residence
    4. Military Completion Certificate (males only)
    5. Photo copy of National ID
    6. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    7. Any other requirements determined by participating companies, available at their links

    Are there any guarantees that ensure getting a job offer after the training period?
    The program provides you with training opportunities offered by the specialized technology companies participating in the program, guaranteeing employment in the field of specialization. Consequently, the training cost and installments will be due only after you get the job.

    Is it permissible to withdraw from training?
    In case of withdrawal from the training after its start, the trainee will pay for the total cost of the training.

    What are the reasons that could lead to preventing trainees from completing the training program?
    Lack of seriousness, poor attendance and non-compliance with the rules that the companies will announce before the start of the program at the links of each company participating in the program.

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