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    For Industry Partners

    Through the program, companies will be able to fulfill their hiring needs with a flow of qualified calibers at annual quarters. In addition, they can reduce investment expenses spent on the training of newly hired fresh graduates.

    Companies are responsible for selecting interns, providing the technical design of the program and recruiting interns at the end of the program. The minimum duration of employment contracts made by the companies with qualified candidates should be of one year. After the successful recruitment, all the training costs will be repaid to the companies by Nasser Social Bank.

    The first cohort will be implemented in collaboration with the following training and technology providers:

    To contribute as an industry partner in the upcoming cohort, planned to be launched in early 2019, please send an email to: wazeefatech.partner@mcit.gov.eg. Kindly provide, in your e-mail, all necessary details, including the training specialization and the number of targeted interns.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What do companies benefit from participating in this initiative?
    This initiative represents a new addition to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) other grants, that ensures a flow of highly skilled employees that meets the needs of companies throughout the year, thus realizing their project plans and filling the gap in searching for skills.

    What is the minimum contract duration between the company and the trainee and what is the start salary?
    At the end of the program, employment contracts made by companies to eligible candidates must be for at least one year and at a monthly salary of not less than EGP 3,500.

    How to apply for the initiative as an industry partner?
    To contribute to the initiative as an industry partner, please send an email to wazeefatech.partner@mcit.gov.eg. Other details will be sent to you immediately after receiving your e-mail.

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