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    Mobile Internet Unit

    Egypt government aims to provide ICT access across the nation; however, some obstacles such as the unavailability of infrastructure in some areas, in addition to the difficulty of technical requirements to provide technology across wide geographic scales represented a hurdle in the way of achieving this goal.

    MCIT, nonetheless, was quick to work on finding means to overcome these obstacles. MCIT worked in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Italian Cooperation to provide ICT in rural and remote areas.

    Moreover, MCIT sees the achievement of this goal as a gateway through which the ministry can play a significant role in human development by cutting down on unemployment and increasing productivity.

    Launched on February 5, 2005 with the availability of two caravans and one bus, the mobile internet unit consists of a caravan or a bus equipped with modern computers and connected to the Internet through satellite.

    The mobile internet unit’s mission is to roam remote areas to provide access to technology and access to the global information network.

    Furthermore, the mobile internet unit’s services are not limited to benefit users of its equipment only, but it constitutes a comprehensive program for equal opportunities in ICT field among individuals in remote communities and others in urban areas, where the courses are offered in areas of teaching basic computer skills, internet connection, as well as to hone the skills required by the labor market.


    §  Enable mobile internet unit to reach target areas easily
    §  Cover areas and urban communities in remote areas  where technology homes have not been established
    §  Cover areas of weak or no technology  infrastructure


    §  Caravan capacity : 20 user + coach
    §  Bus capacity: 10 user + coach

    Visitors statistics:

    §  Number of Visits: 83 visit
    §  Number of provinces visited : 24
    §  Total number of visitors : 203806
    §  Number of males : 104085, 51.1 % of the total visitors
    §  Number of females : 99686, 48.9% of the total visitors
    §  Frequency of daily visits: 66.6


    §  Caravan capacity : 20 user + coach
    §  Bus capacity: 10 user + coach

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