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    Olympiad in Informatics

    Olympiad in Informatics is a competition held annually in the field of computer algorithms and methods of systematic solution.

    Participants are presented with a series of questions and problems to solve, based on the systematic thinking and the use of the basic principles of computer algorithms, where they put steps and methods of solutions and write programs necessary to solve problems.

    During UNESCO twenty-fourth conference in Paris in October 1987, a Bulgarian scientist Slageoffist Sndov proposed an idea, which was welcomed, to organize an international competition in the field of IT.

    The first international competition was held in Bulgaria in 1989, attended by contestants from 25 countries.

    The aim of these competitions, which are held annually and in which more than 1,500 participants have taken part so far, is to encourage students from around the world to enter the IT field.

    Such competition represents an occasion for gathering talented students worldwide to exchange scientific and cultural expertise.

    The competitions are held annually in one of the participating countries, where each country is represented by four students and two supervisors.
     Over two days, students are individually tested. The five-hour test gives participants the time to program and solve three problems on the computer, based on programming and the use of systematic methods of solution known as computer algorithms.

    1. Egyptian Olympiad in Informatics
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